How To Beautifully Wrap Oddly-Shaped Gifts

How To Beautifully Wrap Oddly-Shaped Gifts

Christmas gifts come in all manner of shapes and sizes. While some are a cinch to wrap, others practically require a diploma in arts and craft to pull off attractively. But have no fear — these video tutorials are designed to stop your pressies looking like sticky tape-covered blobs. There are tips for everything from bicycles to furry pets.

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How To Wrap A Tennis Racquet

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How To Wrap A Bicycle

How To Make Your Wrapping Look Creative

How To Wrap A Cat For Christmas


Got any pressie wrapping hacks of your own? Share your tips in the comments section below.


  • i had a friend who worked in Myer to wrap gifts as a summer job and the first thing she tried to wrap was a hula hoop

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