How To Gift Wrap Everything [Video]

How To Gift Wrap Everything [Video]

They say it’s the thought that counts — but if you can’t be bothered learning how to wrap gifts properly, you’re not being very thoughtful, are you? With that in mind, we’ve assembled ten gift wrapping tutorials, ranging from wine bottles and gift cards to bicycles and live cats!

It’s usually pretty easy to spot gifts I’ve wrapped under the Christmas tree — they’re the ones that look like scrunched up refuse and super-deformed origami. If you fall into the same hamfisted boat, these video tutorials will turn you into a professional decorator in no time.

How To Wrap A Box

Everyone knows how to wrap a box, right? The results rarely look as good as what you see in stores though. The above video explains how to make the results look as professional as possible.

How To Wrap Odd-Shaped Gifts

Damn my infernal nephews and their weirdly shaped Christmas gifts! Unlike books and DVD, toys can be a real pain to wrap attractively, especially when they’re contained in weirdly shaped blister packs. This video provides some advice that will make the results look less garish.

How To Wrap Tiny Gifts

This handy video explains how to make small gifts attract the eye among their bigger brethren.

How To Wrap Extra-Large Gifts

I always find the wrapping paper doesn’t cover the entire present, leading to an ugly patchwork of taped-together sheets. This video demonstrates how to minimise the damage.

How To Add Fancy Ribbons And Stuff

Show the person you really care by going all out with the trimmings. The above video shows how it’s done.

How To Wrap A Wine Bottle

Gift-wrapped bottles always look the same, which makes them duller than dishwater. Alternatively, you could grab some rice paper and add a little artistry to proceedings. (This will net you extra points if you use a bottle of saké.)

How To Wrap A Bicycle

I had to do this last Christmas and it was murder. If only I’d Googled this video.

How To Wrap A Gift Card

I firmly believe that the bad reputation of gift cards has a lot to do with how they’re bestowed — instead of being lovingly hand-wrapped, they’re generally stuffed into an envelope or Christmas card. The above video offers some suggestions to make gift cards seem more thoughtful.

How To Make Your Wrapping Look Creative

HeyKayli is kind of like Martha Stewart’s hip young sister. In the above video, she demonstrates some of her bespoke wrapping creations which you can shamelessly steal and pass off as your own.

How To Wrap A Cat For Christmas

Don’t try this at home kids — especially if your cat hasn’t been declawed.

Got any pressie wrapping hacks of your own? Share your tips in the comments section below.


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