Use Masking Tape To Mark A Straight Line For Cutting Pipes

Cutting steel pipes evenly is a difficult task. Heck, even marking a straight line all the way around the pipe is tough. You can solve this problem with a little masking tape.

The video above demonstrates how to use masking tape to make bandsaw cuts easier and more precise. Start by marking the location on your pipe that you want to cut. Then apply your tape at this mark and overlap it while keeping it lined up. The tape will then serve as an accurate visual guide when cutting the pipe using your bandsaw.

Bandsaw Straight Cuts on Round Pipe [StaceyDavidsGearz (YouTube)]


    Even then, it is almost impossible to get the tape straight.
    Here's a better solution. Wrap a sheet of A4 scrap paper around the tube so that the edges align. Then tape it in place.

      You weren't there when I started my post!
      Great minds think alike!
      A4 paper is often not big enough for some pipes.

      Last edited 17/11/14 4:34 pm

    It's not easy sticking masking tape in a straight line around a pipe. I use a piece of paper with one side considerably longer than the pipe's circumference, wrap it around the pipe tightly so that the long edge lines up and draw around the paper with a pencil or felt tipped marker.

    I just use a pipe cutter

      For 150mm PVC or metal pipe?

      Last edited 17/11/14 9:12 pm

        Yes, it's a chain type pipe cutter, you can get them multipurpose or for just metal or pvc

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