Coil A Bandsaw Blade With Your Hands Using This Simple Method

Bandsaw blades are unwieldy, and can slice up your hands if you're not careful. Here's a quick tip for coiling a blade that only takes seconds.

There are band saw blades specifically designed for cutting certain types of material. For general metal cutting to harder nonferrous alloys and harder woods, make sure your saw is setup for what you are cutting.

The problem is, changing out band saw blades can be a pain in the butt, with the biggest obstacle being storing them all. Many opt to just hang their blades, but that exposes them to the elements and takes up wall space. Better to learn how to coil your band saw blade as demonstrated in the video above and store your blades in the original boxes.

Wear gloves before attempting this technique and practice makes perfect. How to Coil a Band Saw Blade [Stumpy Nubs — YouTube]


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