The Blue Winter Desktop

The Blue Winter Desktop

Flickr user Yusuf is feeling the chill, and so are we after looking at this desktop. If you like the look as much as we do, here are the tools you’ll need to set it up on your computer.

Yusuf’s desktop looks great, and while it may be busy, you can tweak these tools to fit the size and scale you want for your Windows desktop. Here’s what you’ll need to set this up:

  • The wallpaper;
  • The Rainmeter system tweaking and monitoring tool for Windows;
  • The Elegance 2 skin for Rainmeter for the recycle bin and clock;
  • The Elementary skin for the date and weather;
  • The Galaxy Suite skin for Rainmeter for the desktop music player;
  • The organiC 2.0 skin for the haxagonal app launcher and system monitors on the desktop.

That’s all you need. It’s a few components, but nothing too heavy, and you can tweak each of them to add and include the elements you want for your desktop. If you run into trouble with it, or you’re not sure how to set everything up, head over to Yusuf’s Flickr page (linked below) to ask your questions and sing your praises. Let him know we sent you!

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