Dropbox Is Being Integrated Into Microsoft Office

Dropbox Is Being Integrated Into Microsoft Office

This makes me very happy: Dropbox is going to be integrated with Microsoft Office, across its desktop, mobile and online versions.

The Office desktop apps will be updated over the next few weeks to allow direct saving into a Dropbox account and the ability to share that file with others. The same feature will be added to the iOS and Android apps the next time they receive an update. Integration with Office Online is promised next year.

Office already has integration with Microsoft’s own OneDrive service, but I’ve never found OneDrive to be reliable enough in syncing to use it as my main cloud storage option. Admittedly everything I create in Office already goes into a folder which is synced to Dropbox, but having one-click access will be handy if I’m using Office Online.

Office and Dropbox to work together on phones, tablets and web [Office Blog]


  • As far as I have read, its only Dropbox for Business, a USD 850 per year subscription. Too expensive for me.

    But you are right, Dropbox is far, far better than OneDrive at syncing: OneDrive does not offer LAN Sync (which means only 1 of the 3 devices at home syncs over the net), and new computers are brought on stream in a few hours, rather than days. Secondly, when I change 1 small file in an encrypted volume, Dropbox only syncs the changes, whereas OneDrive syncs the whole volume.

  • I can see how it would be good news for those who use DropBox. But I moved everything over to OneDrive a while back because (for me) they gave so much more space (for “free”) and the integration was already there.
    This’ll end up giving sysadmins more headaches.

  • I couldn’t use Dropbox at work, so I used OneDrive for everything. Then I realized I could use Dropbox in a browser.

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