Hang Anything On Your Wall With A French Cleat Storage System

Tool storage can be a constant battle. The use of a french cleat storage system will securely display your tools and accessories, keeping them off your table and out of your drawers.

You can spend money on a myriad of wall storage solutions or build one yourself like this hinged pegboard. But for our money, a french cleat system is tough to beat in terms of both cost and effectiveness.

A french cleat is commonly used to attach cabinets to a wall. A moulding, cut with a 45 degree slope is attached to a wall. Then a variety of "cleats" with a matching 45 degree bevel can be hung in different locations. This allows for a lot of customisation and saves space as there are no shelves or brackets protruding away from the wall. This system works with not only power tools but hand tools as well

In the video above, April Wilkerson demonstrates how she uses a french cleat system to store her power tools. You can get step-by-step instructions for her setup at the link below, along with a few other alternatives if April's don't fit your needs.

DIY Power Tool Storage System [Wilker Do's]

French Cleat Storage System [The Wood Whisperer]

My French Cleat System [The Woodworking Trip]


    Seems like a lot of work to hang tools...

      The first rule of the shed is to buy tools. The second rule is to build storage for those tools (that's why you bought the tools in the first place). Then, and only then, can you proceed to do something productive with the tools. Unless you have bought new tools in the mean time, then it's back to rule one.

    It's a nice rack.

    A tool rack? Chyeah, right! I don't even own a tool, let alone many tools that would necessitate an entire rack. What am I gonna do... with a tool rack?

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