Cheaply Mount A TV To Your Wall With A French Cleat

Cheaply Mount A TV To Your Wall With A French Cleat

If you’re looking to mount your TV but want to save a few bucks, This Old House reader asc2078 shows us a low-cost way to mount a flatscreen — or anything else for that matter — to your wall.Photo by Jamie McCall


We’ve mentioned how to choose the best wall mount for your TV, and even found a DIY option, but it doesn’t get much simpler or cheaper than this. All you need to hang something on the wall is some wood and a few bolts. By attaching two blocks of wood to your TV and two to your wall, and bevelling each at the same angle, you can form what’s called a French Cleat (see the diagram to the left). By angling the two pieces of wood in opposite directions, your TV or other hanging piece should lock into place securely when you hang it.

The one downside is that your TV won’t be able to swivel with this method, so if you have a big living room and you angle your TV a lot, you’re probably better off searching Monoprice for an inexpensive TV mount. We think this is a pretty neat, cheap, DIY solution though. Hit the link to read more.

No Cost Way To Wall Mount Flat Screen TVs [This Old House Forums via Unplggd]


  • Actually you can get away with using one block on the Wall and two on the TV… The cleat on the top has more than enough strength in most situations to hold a Wall mount. The block at the bottom only needs to square up the TV to the wall and it can be held in place by the weight of the hanging object if you like, or even double sided tape. French cleats have been used for ever to hang wall mounted cupboards etc…

  • To state what some will consider the obvious, the wall mount part of this needs to be secured to the timber frame inside your wall, NOT just to the plasterboard/drywall or whatever your local terminolgy is. Plasterboard might be ok for pictures but doesn’t provide enought structural strength for a flat screen of any significant size.

  • my recommendations for the the design, minim sizes using the diagram above. W 20mm H 50mm L 50mm longer then the screw on the back of the TV. The screws/bolts that are used for fixing the the cleat to the wall should be minim of 6mm and penetrate the wall stud a minim of 75mm.

    you should also check to minim recommended clearance from the wall in the your TV user manual. but I wouldn’t recommend this design of plasma TV as will need more clearance form the wall and better airflow.

    The simplest way do this, a vertical piece of timber spanning the vertical screw/bolt holes on the back of the TV. Also the bolt in to the TV should pass through the cleat and spacer timber.

    PS: Remember this maybe cheaper than buying a overprice wall mount but don’t try and save the extra few cents on the bolts as they are holding up that expensive TV. Also these are MINIM SIZES.

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