Four Reasons Why You Should Read Literature

You can probably remember the feeling of discontent that came when you were assigned literature to read in school. It's hard to find the desire to read old books about old topics when there are exciting new things happening right now, but here are four very big reasons why you should anyway.

Beyond the fact that reading is good for you anyway, there are several other big benefits. YouTube channel The School Of Life asks what literature is really for, and comes up with four great things you can pull from reading these books:

  1. It saves you time: It might appear to be a time-waster, but literature lets you access and experience a range of emotions and events that would take countless lifetimes to encounter.
  2. It makes you nicer: Literature gives you the chance to see things from someone else's point of view, which is the best way to develop empathy for others.
  3. It's a cure for loneliness: Through books, writers are able to help us reflect on who we are. We're all a little weird — and sometimes you can feel like no one else is — but literature opens your eyes up to the truth everyone is a strange and interesting person.
  4. It prepares you for failure: Fear of failure can be within everyone, but when you read stories of the ups and downs of different characters, you can help show yourself that it's ok to fail. You can see that failure is a part of life.

So crack open a book and get lost in the tales of others. It can help you in more ways than you realise.

What is Literature for? [YouTube via Brain Pickings]


    You should probably add that it helps to read a wide range of literature if you want to get all of these benefits. I'm a SciFi/Fantasy nerd and it takes a lot for me to read something outside my favourite genre. When I do though I'm usually rewarded (in all of the ways above), much more.

    I've become an avid reader ever since I got my Kobo mini. I read about 1.5 to 2 hours a day (bus travel and my lunch break).

    The main reason I read is because it's fun.

    Avid reader but you could make the same four claims about TV shows, film, video games, and podcasts.

    I agree up to a point, except that I find that the "classics" are so uninteresting to me I simply cannot finish them, or have no interest in reading them in the first place. There are plenty of books out there. Reading the classics is fine if you like that sort of thing. Reading is the important point. Do some every day.

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