Office Integrating With More Cloud Storage Providers

Unsurprisingly, every version of Office makes it easy to save files to Microsoft's own OneDrive service — but what if you prefer Dropbox or Box? That should be less of a hassle in the future, with Microsoft announcing new integration options for Office that will let any cloud storage provider be added to the list of save locations.

Microsoft's blog post announcing the plans says that the iOS versions of Office have already been updated so that " third-party cloud storage providers can natively integrate into the “Locations” picker in the iOS Office apps". That feature will eventually be added to the forthcoming Windows 10 version of Office and to Android as well. Microsoft also says it is working with Box, Citrix and Salesforce to integrate Office Online into those applications, though when that will happen is less clear.

Dropbox fans (like us) have already been catered for, with Microsoft announcing a partnership with Dropbox last November.

New cloud storage integration for Office [Office Online Official Blog]


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