Access The Hidden Old ITunes 'Get Info' Screen With An Option-Click

Get the Hidden Old iTunes

Mac: iTunes 12 introduced a new screen when you click "Get Info" that's far simpler than it used to be. Gone is the area to drag and drop artwork or change grouping info. TUAW points out you can get that old screen back with an Option-click.

All you need to do is select a track (or group of tracks), right-click them, then Option-click the Get Info menu. This loads up the old edit menu where you can once again drag-and-drop album artwork and easily create special sorting sections.

How to speed up adding album art in iTunes 12 [TUAW]


    Can I option-click the iTunes icon so that the whole thing goes back to the way it was? The new one just looks cluttered and confusing. The only up side is that podcasts now work much better.

    Frankly, this update just looks like change for changes sake which is not better, it's just different.

    I avoid using the iTunes menu now if I can, so inflexible, If i'm importing a new episode of a TV show or a Movie I use MetaZ and edit the info on there instead.
    Typical Apple, making things far more complicated than they need to be.

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