Sonora Is A Beautiful Music Player For OS X That Puts Your Artwork Front And Centre

Sonora Is A Beautiful Music Player For OS X That Puts Your Artwork Front And Centre

Mac OS X has always lacked in iTunes alternatives, but lately the competition has started to heat up with apps like Enqueue and Clementine. Sonora is a new music player for OS X that focuses on a gorgeous view of your album art, instantaneous search of your library, and queue-based playback.

Sonora aims to turn your music player from a boring spreadsheet of tracks into a gorgeous layout of albums and playlists — and boy, does it do it well. The interface has two panes: a list of your artists on the left, and a big, artwork-focused list of albums on the left. You can double-click on an album to see its tracks, and either play the album all at once or drag songs into the queue at the top of the window. You can then save your queue as a playlist, if you so desire.

Of course, Sonora would be nothing without advanced features like one-hotkey searches, scrobbling, support for OGG and FLAC, and the ability to sync with your iTunes library for perfect harmony (which is great, since it can’t sync to iOS devices). Sonora clocks in at $10.49 on the Mac App Store, but it’s well worth the price in our opinion — at least if you’re into album artwork and queue-based listening. There’s a 14-day trial on their website so you can try before you buy. Hit the link below to check it out.



  • Why would you spend $10 on a music player? When your computer comes with a free one? I know people hate on itunes but really it gets the job done and if you have ios devices you need it on your machine anyway.

    • I was about to say it looks kinda like iTunes anyway… also, I don’t find this particularly beautiful, the fake aluminium look is getting old.

  • A focus on Cover art and simplicity. I love it and have been waiting for a beautiful iTunes alternative for years. Still not quite minimalist enough but it’s definitely a step up from the design mess that is iTunes.

    If you appreciate nice design $10 is not all that bad considering you probably spent upwards of $2000 on a Mac you may as well have a half decent music player.

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