Video Briefly: Beach Dog, New Destiny Trailer, iPhone 6 Video Leak

Brief video items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: live-action Destiny video game trailer, the most adorable beach dog you will see today, is this the iPhone 6? Kick off your Friday night with the best online videos of the week!

  • Destiny, the hotly-anticipated video game from Halo creator Bungie, hits store shelves on September 9. Here is the latest live-action trailer. For instant street cred, just add Led Zeppelin.
  • Walter the Labrador really loves water — as evidenced by this adorable GoPro footage of the dog racing at breakneck speed from his beach house into the ocean. Bless.
  • Because you can never have enough dog videos, here's a pug going nuts in a ball pit.
  • Some shots are so iconic that most people recognise them even if they haven't seen the movie. This YouTube compilation contains 100 of the most iconic shots in cinematic history.
  • Another gameplay clip for Mortal Kombat X has popped up online. Claret? It's got gallons of it!
  • The villainous Loki was arguably the best thing about The Avengers and Thor movies — he was like Alan Rickman in Robin Hood, complete with dry one-liners and British accent. A slightly obsessed fan has cobbled together scenes from a range of sources to create a two-hour Loki movie. Watch it, you mewling quim.
  • Bored? Here's a MacGyver-esque hackthat turns desk clutter into a cool mini grappling gun.
  • Coral Jade is a street performer that’s pretty much mastered the art of hula hooping. She can twirl them on every part of her body, use them to create mind bending warps and dance with 30 to make it look like she’s being teleported in a JJ Abrams-era Star Trek Transporter. Watch her go!
  • Scientists have finally answered the question that’s puzzled mankind for over a century: what cheese tastes best on pizza?
  • Last Thursday in the Shijingshan district of Beijing, a man dressed in a Final Fantasy Cactuar body suit proposed to a young woman in a shopping mall. The whole affair was captured by various passersby.
  • Here's the latest gameplay trailer for Sid Meier’s Civilisation: Beyond Earth. This one focuses on the Purity Affinity, Virtues and Orbital Layer. October 24 can’t come soon enough!
  • Grand Theft Auto V is one of the most unapologetically violent video games in existence — but it's got nothing on this gaming grandma.
  • This Russian YouTube video purports to show off the iPhone 6. Real or fake? The leak claims that the phone will be made from Liquid Metal, have its home button moved to the side and, of course, a much bigger screen. (Turn on the English subtitles for this one if you don’t speak Russian.)

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