Toggle Your iPhone’s Brightness With A Home Button Triple Tap

iOS: We all know that easily changing the brightness of your phone is handy for night usage. In iOS 8, you can set your home button to toggle your screen brightness level on your iPhone or iPad.

This is another secret power of iOS’s accessibility options, and doesn’t require jailbreak. First, you’ll set the triple tap to put a zoom view in effect. Then you’ll manually change the zoom to normal, and set the low light setting. When you use the triple-tap to make the zoom effect, the low light filter will apply as well, allowing you to toggle the brightness of the device.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. From your home screen, go to Settings > General > Accessibility and tap the toggle button to enable Zoom.
  2. A zoom window will pop up on the screen. Ignore it. Your next step is to triple-tap on the screen with three fingers and a zoom menu will appear. If it doesn’t work the first time you do it, try it a couple more times at varying speeds.
  3. Tap “Full Screen Zoom” on the menu, and then hold and drag the slider to the left to get the zoom view back to normal.
  4. Still on the same menu, tap “Choose Filter” and then “Low Light” to apply the low light filter. This will be the low light setting you’ll see when you toggle the home button in the future.
  5. Exit the pop-up menu and go back to the Accessibility menu. Scroll all the way down. Hit the Accessibility shortcut option and select “Zoom”.
  6. Try it and make sure it works! Go to the home screen, then triple-tap the home button to see the screen change brightness.

Check out the video above from Snazzy Labs to see how it’s done and follow along.

iPhone Brightness Button Toggle Hack [Snazzy Labs via Phone Arena]

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