300 Australia Post Outlets Are Finally Getting Their Own Computers

300 Australia Post Outlets Are Finally Getting Their Own Computers

Back in June, we noted that there were an astonishing 432 Australia Post outlets that used manual point of sale (POS) systems rather than computerised ones. Good news for some of them — the mail carrier has announced plans to upgrade 300 of them with full computer systems.

Picture: Melanie Hughes

Australia Post outlined the plan in a media release:

The rollout of FlexiPOS to over 300 licensed post offices commences next month, with the majority of post offices receiving the new technology by mid-2015*.

That telling asterisk notes that the installation in remote areas will be dependent on the availability of a suitable Internet connection. Didn’t we once have a national plan for that? That lack of connection might also explain why 130-odd locations apparently aren’t being upgraded in the near future. Nonetheless, knocking over two-thirds of the non-computerised outlets is definitely a step in the right direction.

Below is a list of all the locations being upgraded. (For the record, I’ve visited precisely two of these places: Swan Reach in South Australia and Thora in New South Wales.)


  • Yeah, good news for Australia post, this will help them keep a closer eye on those pesky remote franchisees.

    Explain again why this is good news for the post office?

  • Sometimes it’s just fun reading town names.
    “Grong Grong post office”
    “Gumly Gumly post office”.

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