How Pizza Hut Became A Target For Hackers

When Pizza Hut Australia audited the computer systems of its 300 local outlets, it found something disturbing: 20 per cent of its stores had experienced downtime due to malware infections.

Picture: The Shopping Sherpa

Pizza Hut stores operate on a franchise model, while the computerised point-of-sale (POS) systems used are centrally managed from the company's central office in Sydney. Analysis of 2012-2013 traffic found that one-fifth of stores had suffered from downtime. Fixing those problems usually required the entire system to be reimaged — a process that could take up to the day. (Understandably, franchise owners aren't necessarily highly skilled in IT.)

The issue, according to a recently published Pizza Hut case study, was a poor signature detection system. After replacing that with a cloud-based system from Webroot, performance has improved considerably.

No solution is supreme, mind. In the first three months since the system change, there has been one incident of malware-related downtime. But that's definitely an improvement.


    and "How did Pizza Hut become a target for hackers?"

    By signature I presume you mean AV signatures?

    Your articles are usually top notch, but this one is really skim on details.

    No solution is supreme............groans and rolls eyes

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