Australia Post Extends Hours For Christmas

Blimey, it's December tomorrow — so if you're going to be posting presents and cards, you'll need to be facing the dubious prospect of a Post Office queue. In a bid to quell the crowds, Australia Post is extending hours at 300 of its stores over December.

The extension hours vary by location, so hit the list to see if your local is running longer hours. Even with those changes in place, be prepared to wait — lunch hours in CBD post offices are normally super-packed over much of this month.

Australia Post


    Wow I can pick up my parcel without redirecting for once. What a wonderful Christmas gift...

    Good to see my post office is still open 9-5 Monday to Friday. I wouldn't want any of the poor souls working there to be put out by having to when when other people aren't.

      Yeah. Mine isn't open either. Bastards.

        And by bastards... If they are working at the same time I am, it is pretty much useless for parcel collection.
        Bahhh HUMMMBUG!

    wow. I was surprised to see my local PO on there. Not only extended hours, but open on Saturday morning too! Its a christmas miracle.

    On an almost-related note - my wife posted some Xmas cards my kids made for my Dad, but she forgot to put stamps on the envelope.

    This afternoon I got a call from my father thanking my kids for the cards. It seems like Australia Post is really getting into the Xmas spirit.

    I have given up on Auspost, too expensive for Christmas parcels. If you look around you can send it cheaper and faster by courier.

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