Try Your Local Library Instead Of A Cafe To Get Work Done

Try Your Local Library Instead Of A Cafe To Get Work Done

When you think of a library, most people think of a quiet place to study. If you want to get work done and spread out, you go to a cafe. Newer libraries offer many of the same amenities as coffee shops, and sometimes even more.

Photo by Jeni Daley, Marketing Coordinator, Lawrence Public Library

Fast Company says libraries have turned into great workspaces:

For the growing ranks of freelancers whose alternatives range from a cramped corner of their bedroom to a $500-a-month private coworking space, the new library work zones are a boon. Decked out with fast Internet, 3-D printers, meeting rooms, whiteboards, and plenty of space to spread out, they’re much better suited to getting work done than jostling for counter space at a noisy coffee shop.

One big advantage of many libraries? Access to power outlets to plug in your laptop. Check out the link for more details on why you might consider working at the library for a change.

The Public Library Wants To Be Your Office [Fast Company]


  • I started heading to the local library in Berlin and now Sydney to get some real work done. It’s quieter than a coffee shop, free and there’s less coffee and food smells to make you hungry.
    I’ve never seen a 3D printer in a library though….

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