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“Just book your ticket and work back from there.”

That’s the advice PR guru and communications expert Prasana Lee gives anyone thinking of moving overseas.

It was 2014 when Prasana and her husband Adrian relocated from Sydney’s Inner West to Manila in the Philippines.


Beth (not her real name) was one of her company’s first employees. She worked remotely as a workshop facilitator from her home and on the road. At first she felt like a core member of the team. As the company grew however, Beth struggled to maintain her identity in the organisation.

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The Samsung Dex is a tiny new smartphone dock that wades carefully toward a world in which smartphones serve as our primary computers. It's about the size of a hockey puck, and when the Galaxy S8, a monitor, and a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse are connected, the Dex turns the phone into a surprisingly functional desktop. The idea is that instead of lugging a laptop around everywhere, you might just take your phone and drop it into a dock at home, the office, and so on.


The nature of work in the gig economy - where workers have to support themselves and take on the risk associated with the job - undermines some of our fundamental human needs and can create a significant amount of mental stress. So what should you do to prevent the stress from getting to you? Let's find out.


My job lives entirely online. Everything I do eventually ends up on this website. But it's not that simple -- behind the scenes, there's a lot going on that has to run smoothly and work correctly to make my job easy and streamlined. At the very least, I need a fast internet connection, and I need it to work all the time. Fast, reliable 4G has changed the way that I work, including in the way that I collaborate with my team, and the way that we run our business through the net. These are the tools I use most.


It's easy to forget manners when you're all alone. From showing up late to meetings and forgetting simple things like "please" and "thank you", otherwise polite and well-behaved humans can come off as complete jerks in the absence of face-to-face contact. Isolation is the culprit, but you don't have to fall prey.


Working remotely is not something new for the public sector, a world seen by many to be behind the times and slow to react to change. In fact in order to our job -- that is to serve the public -- public sector employees are on a constant search for quicker and cheaper ways to do things.