This Is How Much Gerry Harvey Gets Paid By Harvey Norman

This Is How Much Gerry Harvey Gets Paid By Harvey Norman

Gerry Harvey loves to complain, whether it’s about high hourly rates that don’t exist, unspecified red tape or online competitors who would actually be cheaper than his stores even if they were forced to charge GST. One thing he probably isn’t complaining about? His annual salary as Harvey Norman chairman.

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In the last financial year, Harvey took home $1,029,300. That’s a lot of money, though in the ranking of CEO pay for ASX 100 companies, it actually places him at the relatively lowly position of #96.

That’s not Harvey’s only source of income, of course, and even if he quit tomorrow, he’d be very comfortably off. The BRW Rich 200 estimates his worth at $1.5 billion dollars. The next time he complains about how selling online is unfair or that chefs get paid too much, it’s going to be hard to resist pointing out that he’s hardly gone broke because of current business practices.

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