Set A 90-Minute Timer To Avoid A Shopping Haze

Set A 90-Minute Timer To Avoid A Shopping Haze

We’ve discussed our limited supply of willpower before. Our willpower might also have a time limit. Forbes reports that, when we’re shopping, our brains tend to zone out after 90 minutes, making us susceptible to overspending.

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According to Forbes, after an hour and a half of shopping, we start shop mindlessly. To counteract this, try setting a timer on your shopping spree.

Set the timer on your phone for 90 minutes. When it goes off, simply stop for a bit. Take a break and have a cup of tea. Look at what you’ve purchased and think about your plan. (Do you want to return anything you just bought?) I’m not saying go home. But taking a break every 90 minutes keeps you from overspending.

You could also do this with online shopping, which may be a bigger problem for most people. Let’s say you’re planning to make an online purchase, and you want to do some research. Set a timer for 90 minutes to make sure you don’t get stuck in a shopping haze.

Take a break, walk away and make sure you’re making good spending decisions. Forbes offers a few more tips for combating your brain’s autopilot settings. Check out the full post.

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