Introduce Yourself With Your Full Name So People Will Remember It

Introduce Yourself with Your Full Name So People Will Remember It

At a networking event, we often introduce ourselves with just our first name. Instead, try using your full name so people can remember it more easily.

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We've talked about how hard it is to remember people's names. The Muse has a nice tip to make it easier for others:

Your parents gave you a first and last name for a reason; don't hesitate to use them both. I'll be real here: The first couple of times I tried this, I felt kind of ridiculous. After all, who cares about my full name? But you'd be surprised at how differently people treat you when you say your first and last name. It's memorable, it's powerful, and it's the difference between making a lackluster connection and a surprisingly great one.

You might think it's too formal to use your full name, but the goal here is to make it easier for others to remember you. After all they probably know people with your first name, but no one with both your first and last name.

The Simple Change That Will Make You a More Powerful Networker [The Muse]


    Bond, James Bond

      Dwayne "THE ROCK" Johnson

        (Hi, I'm a huge fan of cock and my name is)

        Cyrrrril.. Figgggis..

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    They may well remember it, they will probably also remember you for being pretentious which is (usually) not what you want.

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