Declutter Your Bathroom Counter Space With A DIY Tiered Tray

Many of us have bathroom counters with stacks of items piling up to create a mess. As we know, clutter affects your brain. ClevverTV shows how to make your own tiered tray with plates and candle holders to clear up counter space.

Put a plate at the bottom, stick a candle holder in its centre with some glue, then glue another plate on top of it. Just like that, you have a tiered tray on your bathroom counter to keep stuff that’s usually lying around. Blogger Liz Marie says you can do three tiers without worrying about it toppling over.

Check out the full video for some other neat ideas, like pinning a straw basket on the wall and keeping rolled-up towels in it. To further declutter, you can also turn your toilet roll into an air freshener.

5 Easy DIY Bathroom Storage Hacks That Will Change Your Life [via WonderHowTo]

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