Top 10 Easy DIY Projects To Upgrade Your Bathroom

Top 10 Easy DIY Projects To Upgrade Your Bathroom

The bathroom: It might not be your favourite room in your home, but it sure is an important one. Use your DIY skills to boost the organisation and functionality of your bathroom, updating it on the cheap. Here are 10 suggested projects almost anyone can do.

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Some of the projects below require more DIY skills or a workshop compared to the others, but most of them will only take a few hours to complete — or even minutes. The linked sites within the articles below also have helpful instructions.

10. Build a Slide-Out Cabinet Drawer in About an Hour

Top 10 Easy DIY Projects To Upgrade Your Bathroom

Instead of kneeling and trying to reach the back of your cabinet, make a slide-out cabinet drawer. The best thing about this project is you can customise it to your organizational needs, with multiple shelves, for example, or to fit odd cabinet widths. Another option is to put a swing-out shelf in your cabinet, which also offers easy access to all your toiletries and such.

9. Create a Stackable Plate Organiser to Declutter Your Bathroom Counter

Top 10 Easy DIY Projects To Upgrade Your Bathroom

Bathroom counters can get cluttered quickly. Keep all your stuff off the counters and attractively presented with a stackable plate organiser. You can buy one, but since we’re talking DIY today, consider making your own DIY tiered tray. (The video in that link isn’t working, however, the instructions are pretty simple: Glue plates and candle holders together.)

8. Control Cords with Mounted PVC Pipes

Top 10 Easy DIY Projects To Upgrade Your Bathroom

Cords are as much of an annoyance in the bathroom as they are in the workspace. Tame them by mounting PVC pipes to the cabinet door, and you can store curling irons and other similar gadgets easily. If you don’t care for the PVC look, a mesh file box or magazine holder can hold all those hair appliances neatly in the bathroom.

7. Add Rope Lighting Under Your Bathroom Cabinet

Top 10 Easy DIY Projects To Upgrade Your Bathroom

Middle-of-the-night trips to the bathroom can be dangerous when you’re navigating in the dark. Use rope lighting under the cabinets to prevent stubbed toes and also give you just enough light you need without waking you up completely.

6. Build a Bathroom Storage Unit with a Full-Length Mirror

Top 10 Easy DIY Projects To Upgrade Your Bathroom

This one might not be for small bathroom spaces, but if your bathroom can fit it, you can add a whole lot more storage with this mirror and cabinet combo. It costs under $US100 ($132) for all the supplies, and you might be able to recess the cabinet into the wall for more space savings.

5. Add a Second Shower Rod for Extra Bathroom Storage

Top 10 Easy DIY Projects To Upgrade Your Bathroom

This is about as easy as a DIY project can get: Grab a shower tension rod, add some hooks and baskets, and in about five minutes you’ve got lots more storage in the bath. The second shower rod could also be used to dry towels and swimsuits.

4. Make Your Own Bath Mat

Top 10 Easy DIY Projects To Upgrade Your Bathroom

If you’ve got a collection of wine corks collecting dust, turn them into a soft and naturally mould-resistant bath mat. You can stand the corks on edge instead for a different look. If wine corks aren’t your thing, you can make a stone bath mat with river rocks for that spa-look and walking-on-a-stony-beach feel.

3. Mount Mason Jars Above the Sink

Top 10 Easy DIY Projects To Upgrade Your Bathroom

If you have bathroom stuff you want to keep in reach yet not cluttering your counter, grab some good ol’ mason jars. Mount them with hose clamps to a piece of wood for a simple, yet attractive storage solution. They will be easy to clean and remove, and you can use the coloured glass jars to match your bathroom decor.

2. Make Your Own Android-Powered Smart Mirror

With a two-way mirror and an Android device, you can make your own futuristic mirror that displays info like calendar appointments and the weather when you brush your teeth in the morning or night. This might seem like a daunting project, but the tutorial posted on Adafruit says it’s a beginner-friendly project — even if you’ve never done Android development before.

1. Update the Bath Fixtures

Finally, perhaps the quickest and easiest way to upgrade your bathroom if you have basic home improvement skills: Upgrade your bath fixtures, such as changing the faucet or installing a new showerhead (maybe a rainfall shower head from a CD spindle?). You might even be able to do these fixtures updates if you’re a renter. You might be surprised by how much of a difference these small details can make in your bathroom. You don’t have to spend a lot to spiff up this important room.

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