This Foldable Bathroom Sink Topper is a Game-Changer for Tiny Bathrooms

This Foldable Bathroom Sink Topper is a Game-Changer for Tiny Bathrooms
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I hate to admit this, but I am a serial member of the cluttered bathroom-bench-club. No, seriously, if you walked into my bathroom right now, you probably wouldn’t even know there was a countertop under there — and that’s truly saying something. It appears my morning frazzle to get ready, put my makeup on and do my hair is no match for my tiny bathroom countertop. That’s why, when I saw this little baby, aka the godsend of a lifetime, aka the epic Amazon sink cover, I couldn’t help but slam it into my cart immediately.


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How does the sink cover work? 

So, what actually is this foldable sink cover? And how on God’s green earth does it work? Well, it’s basically a fold-out silicone mat that’s designed to be placed over your bathroom sink (like the one above on TikTok). This means all the space your sink takes up instantly becomes extra counter space in seconds — no DIY knowledge required. How’s that for an epic makeup hack?

Oh, and I should mention, even while the mat is on the sink, you’ll still be able to use your tap thanks to its in-built tap cut-out.

As for the rest of the sink, now you can keep your makeup strewn across the counter without having to worry about your brand new highlighter stick falling down the drain (trust me, I’ve been there), and you can also chuck on your hot tools because not only is the silicone mat designed to be sturdy, holding up to three kilograms of literally whatever you want to put on there, but it’s also heat resistant to anything below 250 degrees celsius.

When you’re finished, the sink cover just folds back up into a flat pocket, so you can unassumingly store it easily in your draws or cupboards, taking up no room at all. I doubt it’ll need a clean that often, but its silicone finish also means if you drop any eyeshadow or oils onto the cover, it makes for a super easy clean up. We’re talking a quick wipe down or rinse under hot water.

Bathroom Sink Cover and Makeup Hack for Extra Counter Space, $64.64

Where can you buy one of these sink toppers? 

This gadget is currently available on Amazon for a fabulous price of $64.64 (saves putting in a whole new bathroom countertop any day).

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