To-Do App Groupiful Adds Project Templates And A New Interface

To-Do App Groupiful Adds Project Templates, a New Interface, and More

Previously mentioned Groupiful makes it easy to collaborate with others on school projects, home renovations or family reunions. Now, the service has a sharp new interface, Dropbox integration and new features to make organising tasks easier.

The last time we mentioned Groupiful, we highlighted the fact that it worked well for organising your own to-dos, but it really shines when you need to collaborate with other people. The interface has been updated to be a little more streamlined, complete with an activity log on the left side, a more detailed tasks and to-dos view in the centre, and quick-buttons to upload files, create calendar events or add notes on the right.

You can also easily copy old projects and to-dos into new projects. As always, the service has free and premium accounts, but the free accounts should be enough for most people (you get 10 projects and up to five people on your personal "team" before you run out). Hit the link below to learn more or give it a try.



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