Stick To Cash To Avoid Overindulging At The Bar

Stick To Cash To Avoid Overindulging At The Bar

When we go to the bar to have just a few beers, sometimes the alcohol clouds our judgement and we drink more than we intended. Set a spending limit before by bringing only cash to the bar.

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If you start with a set amount of money, once you run out of cash, you stop drinking. Sure friends can buy you a drink or pull out your credit card, but this is a nice way of controlling your spending habits when out. I’d suggest keeping a credit card with you in case your maths is off and you don’t have enough cash to pay the bill, though.

Boozing on a Budget [Listen Money Matters]


  • Good advise, it is much easier to budget with cash then card as you can physically see how much is leftover at anytime. With tap-and-go the transactions don’t always appear straight away in pending on internet banking.

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