Game Developers Want To Work For Valve Or For Themselves

Games development is challenging and commercialisation is even harder, but that doesn't put many aspiring game builders off. A survey of 2200 developers by the International Game Developers Association suggests that Valve, the house of Steam, is the most popular choice, followed by working for your own company.

Highlighting the tough nature of the industry, 39 per cent said they had quit a job because of a lack of work-life balance. Here's the full top 10.

  1. Valve
  2. My own company
  3. Activision-Blizzard
  4. BioWare
  5. Ubisoft
  6. Current employer
  7. Nintendo
  8. Naughty Dog
  9. Double Fine
  10. Bethesda Game Studios

Moral of the story? If a vacancy comes up at Valve, you're going to see a lot of competition. [via Gamespot via Kotaku]


    WHAT! Why isn't EA on that list???


      Well, Bioware is #4 and they are wholly owned by EA. Without knowing what all the other responses are, it's a bit difficult to say where they would be if you treated EA as a single option.

      We don't know how many people who answered "Current employer" currently work for EA. They're the world's biggest, so the most people who were surveyed work with them.

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