Create A Chrome Search Shortcut With A Right Click

Create A Chrome Search Shortcut With A Right Click

Chrome: Many of you probably know how to search a specific site within the Chrome Omnibox using keyword bookmarks. You may not know that you can actually do it from lots of sites with a simple right click.

If the site you’re visiting has a search box, right-click on it and choose “Add as a Search Engine”. From there, you can give your site-specific search a keyword and you’ll be good to go: the next time you want to use that site’s search engine, type your keyword and search term in the Omnibox, just as you would with any other custom search engine.

A Chrome Shortcut That Makes Searching Your Favourite Sites Way Faster [Wired]


  • That’s great, I tried it and it worked.. but.. I tried to change the name I choose for the search engine because it was too long but I couldn’t figure it out. Can I change it or I am stuck to it?

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