Set A Chrome Keyword Bookmark To Manage Your Keyword Bookmarks

Chrome: The ability to set keyword bookmarks — brief codes you can type into your browser to access and search other sites — is one of Chrome's most useful features. If you regularly use keyword bookmarks, you can save time by setting up a keyword bookmark for the Chrome page which manages this option.

We've told you how to set up keyword bookmarks in Chrome before. Chrome refers to these as search engines, but you can use them for static pages as well. Chrome even syncs those search engine bookmarks (though performance here can vary).

Getting to the page to add and edit them is a little fiddly; you have to click on the wrench, choose Settings, and choose 'Manage search engines'. However, you can set a keyword to go to that setttings page automatically.

Chrome's keyword bookmarks management page is located at chrome://chrome/settings/searchEngines. If you add this address as a keyword bookmark, you can get there direct from the keyboard. You can use any combination you like ('kb' is an obvious choice).

Aside from making it easy to create new bookmarks, this also makes it easy to delete the automatic search engine bookmarks which Chrome creates for (seemingly) every site you visit. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that one day Chrome will include an option to switch that feature off.

(Firefox also supports keyword bookmarks, but its process for managing them is different so you can't set a shortcut this way.)


    Or even easier you can just right click on omnibox and click edit search engines?

    Opera also supports keyword bookmarks (dubbed nicknames):
    "Tip: Add nicknames for your most frequently used bookmarks. For example, make "tv" the nickname of your personalized TV guide. To access the guide, simply type "tv" into the address field and hit Enter."

    yo dawg, I heard you like keyword bookmarks...

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