Briefly: $3.99 Whiskey Stones, Go AMD Radeon R7 SSD Review, ‘Phone 6’ Video

Briefly: $3.99 Whiskey Stones, Go AMD Radeon R7 SSD Review, ‘Phone 6’ Video

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: 38 meals under 500 calories, get nine whiskey stones from ALDI for $3.99, TMZ releases video of what it claims is the iPhone 6 (Hmm.)

  • What do men really think about female fashion trends? In a bid to find out, POPSUGAR Health & Fitness asked the Allure Media tech pod to air their views on some of the season’s hottest outfits. The responses are kind of hilarious.
  • Gizmodo has reviews AMD’s new mid-range solid-state drive; the Radeon R7 SSD. It’s designed for the mainstream PC enthusiast market — the kind of person that might build their own gaming. Click here to read their verdict.
  • New research suggests that deodorant could actually cause human armpits smell worse. That’s something to cross off my shopping list then. Hurrah!
  • Still struggling with your diet? Here are 38 more fresh, filling meals under 500 calories from POPSUGAR Health & Fitness.
  • Specsavers is offering $50 off when customers spend $100 on contact lenses online. The deal starts 20 August and is available for one day only. [Via OzBargain]
  • The verdict’s still out on the effectiveness of whiskey stones, but if you’d like to try them out for cheap, head to ALDI — the supermarket chain is currently selling a pack of nine for just $3.99.
  • “We Got Pictures of the New iPhone 6!!!,” crows TMZ in this dubious looking video. As various commenters have pointed out, the device looks more like a clone made with an Android chassis.
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    • Regarding deodorants, I find the salt crystal deodorant sticks you can buy at health stores to be effective and last for ages (like a year). They also have zero perfume and simply work by stopping the growth of bacteria, you still sweat. They do still contain a form of aluminium though (Potassium alum as far I know).

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