Hack An IKEA Table To Store Your LEGO

Hack An IKEA Table To Store Your LEGO

What’s better than modifying IKEA furniture to better suit your needs? Modifying IKEA furniture to better suit your LEGO needs.

This is a relatively simple hack that uses a standard $29.99 IKEA Lack coffee table, a few storage bins for the underside and some standard LEGO base plates for the surface.

The hacker responsible says that they’ve done so for their two sons, but I’m horribly tempted to give this one a go for myself. Who says adults can’t play with LEGO?

Lack Lego Playtable with undertable storage [IKEAHackers http://www.ikeahackers.net/2014/07/lack-lego-playtable-with-undertable-storage.html]


  • So the hack is buy coffee table, stick part storage bins under it use double sided tape to hold the road tiles to the top?

    This is not a hack, this is just being smart, and realising using a Coffee table for something other than Coffee is perfectly fine.

    • I agree I thought the whole idea of “hacks” in this instance was using an item and re-purposing it for something that it was not originally intended.

  • I shudder every time I see a Lack.

    Veneered honeycomb cardboard with poorly connected chipboard legs and a thin, barely attached chipboard shelf? Yuk!

    • It’s nice for a surface to put your coffee up. Plus because it’s just cardboard it’s easy to just throw somewhere you need a surface at any given time, as opposed to dragging a heavy coffee table around.

    • I have a toddler and a small-medium house so I’m basically moving furniture around 24/7. Light weight works for me.

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