DIY IKEA Bookshelves LEGO Table

Who doesn't like LEGO? The wrong people, that's who. But storing it and having it easy to play with can be a chore. No more, with this nifty hack that turns IKEA bookshelves into a great-looking LEGO play table and storage area.

Admittedly, it's not quite as LEGO-centric as the LEGO-coated Lack Table but it's somewhat more practical. It uses two Expedit Bookshelves and a pair of Trofast bins, combining the two with a few small DIY bits and making the whole into something that's both fun and practical.

Large Lego workspace from Ikea parts [Status 302 via IKEA Hacker]


    It's a couple of bookshelves and a table... Genius!!!!

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