Do You Check Email Immediately After Sex?

Do You Check Email Immediately After Sex?

We're all relatively glued to our phones, and in many of our jobs email is a critical communication tool. A new study by the folks behind MyMail revealed something interesting — nearly 10% of us check our email immediately after sex. Does that sound like you?

A couple of points in MyMail's study of email use were particularly interesting. The 8% of us who check email after sex may not be a huge number, but it was definitely surprising. It got us thinking — do you or your partner roll over and pick up their phone to see if they missed anything in their inbox once you two are finished basking in post-coital afterglow? Let us know in the comments below!

An Open Email to Email [ Blog]


    What's with the question mark? Absolutely no!

    Sad, sad people. Really. Is email THAT important at a time like that (after sex)? Personally, I'd be insulted if my partner did that.

    Email? This number would probably explode if you replaced that with "social media", or just checking your phone in general.

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