Briefly: Quickflix On Google Chromecast, World Of Tanks Blitz, Cheap Beef Jerky

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: Quickflix goes live on Google Chromecast, how World of Tanks Blitz blew up the smartphone gaming landscape as we knew it, get a bag of Honey Soy & Bloody Hot Jim's Jerky for $2.50.

  • Quickflix’s new Google Chromecast-enabled streaming apps for Android and iOS devices are now available. Quickflix on Chromecast provides subscription-based streaming of standard and high definition TV shows from a range of entertainment providers, including HBO, BBC and most major movie studios. For more information, head to Quickflix's website.
  • Last week, World Of Tanks Blitz rolled onto the Aussie App store after a month of testing its mettle on the European battlefront. The result could carve out a new frontier for mobile gaming. Click here to find out why.
  • Have you ever wondered what happens to your eyeball when it hits a car's airbag at 200 mph? Wonder no longer.
  • Jim's Jerky is offering 25g packs of its Honey Soy and Bloody Hot Chilli flavours for $2.50, which is 50 per cent off the RRP. The deal also includes free shipping. [Via OzBargain]


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