Briefly: Future Soldiers, Cheap Games, The Evolution Of Pikachu

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: How Australia will wage war in 2035, get five Codemasters games for $1, how Pikachu has changed over the years.

  • According to the Australian Defence Force’s new Future Land Warfare Report, conflicts staged in 2035 and beyond won’t be fought in fields, swamps and deserts. They’ll be fought in so-called megacities of 20 million people or morethanks to mass-migration. Head to Gizmodo for a detailed summary of the report.
  • This week’s Humble Bundle focuses on the games of Codemasters. Pay what you want and you’ll receive Overlord, Overlord: Raising Hell DLC, Operation Flashpoint: Red River, Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, and Rise of the Argonauts. If you contribute $6 or more, you’ll also get DiRT Showdown, DiRT 3 and Overlord II. As always, you can choose who gets the lion’s share of your money: Humble Bundle, the developers or the nominated charity.
  • Should you still buy the Nexus 5? With a current asking price of just $399 for the 16GB version, the evidence for is pretty compelling.
  • Ever wondered how much Pickachu from Pokemon has changed over the years? This handy infographic charts his graphical evolution.
  • In Victoria, households that have installed solar panels on their roofs are facing an increase in the fixed rate they pay on every bill to connect to the state’s electricity grid. An extra 14 cents per day, or $51 per year, is being proposed to punish householders for helping to produce electricity. Gizmodo has the report.


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