Bear Grylls Explains How To Stop Fish Attacking Your Testicles

We think that headline explains itself. If you are planning to go swimming in wild waters, outdoor type dude Bear Grylls has one key piece of advice: don't wet yourself.

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Grylls offered the advice when presented with a hypothetical scenario of swimming in a lake where fish with a threatening fondness for nadgers also reside:

In general, it's never a good idea to pee in open water. Pee will attract all sorts of fish. The salts and the crystals in urine, it's all fascinating to them. Don't pee. And wear swimming trunks . . . Keep them tucked away. Once that dude's got your testicles in his mouth, he's calling the shots.

We'll stay out of the water, probably, but don't say you weren't warned.

What to Do When a Piranha Attacks Your Privates [Men's Health]


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