Stop Trying To 'Earn' Leisure And Put Relaxation On Your To-Do List

Stop Trying to

Many of us feel like we have to justify doing nothing. Even if you're not a workaholic, you've probably felt guilty at some point for watching TV instead of getting things done. If so, chances are you have your priorities mixed up.

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Productivity author Colleen Oakley explains to Five Cent Nickel how we, as a whole society, got used to the idea of "being busy" as the default. The ironic result of all our constant work is that we don't have time to enjoy life, which actually makes us less productive. In this case, it's our attitude towards leisure time that needs to be adjusted. Not only should you stop feeling bad for relaxing, you should put it at the top of your to-do list:

And give yourself permission to designate joy, fun, play, reflection and idleness or quiet time as top priorities and schedule them in until it becomes routine. You really don't have to earn leisure by getting to the end of the to-do list. You never will. So flip the list. Put joy first.

It might seem like no one would need to be told to take a break, but many of us just plain aren't good at chilling out. So, flip the mindset up. Make it a priority to learn how to finally, really relax.

Overwhelmed at Work and Home? You May Be Living on "Contaminated Time" [Five Cent Nickel]


    Soooo true. How often does it happen that you put this long list of stuff together that must happen, then you get a quarter of it done.. then you feel guilty and cant enjoy doing anything real fun (as kind of discipline for not achieving the required productivity) and then end up doing something of no real value because you are just exhausted and have no energy for anything else... its a real conundrum.

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