Spotify Can Now Sync All Your Music For Offline Listening In One Tap

Spotify Can Now Sync All Your Music for Offline Listening in One Tap

If you're a Spotify premium subscriber, you know that you can sync individual playlists for offline listening. As of today, you can sync your entire library in one tap.

This feature became available on Android recently, and is available on iOS with the latest update. Just head to the "Songs" tab and tap the Available Offline button — Spotify will sync up to 3333 songs, and they will be available offline for 30 days. The feature is for premium users only.

Spotify Lets You Take All of Your Tracks Offline with Just One Button [Engadget]


    Only 30 days? On Rdio and Google Play your music is saved offline for as long as you stay a member. Is this 30 days actually right? Do you have to redownload again each month?

      They stay on your phone, it just requires you to connect to the Spotify servers within 30 days to verify that you still have a pro account.

    You have to go online within 30 days. If you do, all cool. If you don't your offline tracks are deleted. So basically the same as the other services (they must go online occasionally to check you are still a member, right?)

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