Reduce Eye Strain At Your Desk With A Humidifier

Reduce Eye Strain at Your Desk with a Humidifier

A lot of things can cause eye strain at the computer, but dryness is a big factor. Maintain a good humidity level to avoid exacerbating your eye strain.

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There are a number of ways to help reduce eye strain, including software tools such as F.lux. The folks at Apartment Therapy suggest that adding a humidifier or a large plant to a dry room can also keep your eyes from drying out.

Dry rooms can dry out eyes, exacerbating whatever effect the monitor is having. Add a small humidifier to dry rooms, or if a room is only a little bit dry, get a large plant. Plants naturally add moisture to the air.

If you don't want to deal with the hassle of a humidifier, or you don't have the green thumb for a plant, you can also try putting water in some glass vases and setting them next to a sunny window.

Five Minute Methods for Overcoming Eye Strain [Apartment Therapy via]


    Well, I guess using dehumidifiers to protect my trading cards has to compete with a humidifier to protect my eyes. Hurrah.

    Erm... not sure I really want a steam machine around my expensive PC though...!

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