Pocketbook Adds Savings Goal Tracker

There's no shortage of bank account tracking apps, but we're big fans of locally-made service Pocketbook, largely because it work well with local banks. The latest update allows you to target safe spending limits to encourage savings.

The updated feature adds a "Safely Spend" option that allows you to declare a percentage of your income that you'd like to be saving, leaving the rest as your discretionary income. As long as you listen to your Pocketbook, it should enable you to plan savings, whether it's for a new car, new home or other high-cost item.



    Still no Qantas Credit Union.

    In fact, no new banks since its inception

      Hi Jackson, we've got a new developer on board and is aiming to integrate with additional financial institutions in the second half of the year. Thank you for the patience!

    Although I quite like the app and webpage for it's easy categorisation of expenses, it still needs a bit of work. There are some things that should be really easy, but I find less than intuitive. Spend Safely, for instance needs a way to manually add transactions that its "smart" system does not discover. Until then, it's not a program I would feel confident in using for things like recording info in preparation of tax returns etc.

    I love this app. I even reorganized my banking to fit within the banks I could use in the app (not that I did a lot of banking with the other bank - but still made the switch). I highly recommend it - compared to other apps out there, this one wins hands down.

    I agree with churchado that there are still improvements that could be made - but that aside, this is still the best.

    Err, sorry, but I really struggled with this, It looks good, and the website is OK. But the developers website needs some work, a tutorial or something would be good. The FAQ just puts you in an endless loop that does not answer the question. Like "if I put petrol in my car, and pay for it from my bank account, how do I record it?" - I would have thought this would be a pretty basic way to use an app like this, but could not work out how to 'spend money' from an existing account.

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