Pocketbook For Android Tracks Your Bank Accounts Automatically

Pocketbook For Android Tracks Your Bank Accounts Automatically

Android: When the iOS version of Pocketbook — our favourite finance management tool because of its ability to automatically sync with all the major banks — came out in July, an Android version was also promised. That has now hit the Play store, and is well worth downloading if you want to keep a closer track on your finances.

Like its iOS and Web equivalents, the Android version of Pocketbook can automatically sort your expenses, alert you to unusually large charges and send you a weekly summary of your activity. It’s a free download, and the service is free to use.

Pocketbook [Google Play]


  • Just a heads up for others using this app, providing your internet banking login details to a third party will generally be in breach of your banks T&C’s. I’ve had my 28 degrees card (GE) linked up to both this and ANZ’s my money setup and had my internet banking blocked by GE.

    The thought hadn’t even crossed my mind until then…

    • That’s an interesting point. It would be great if lifehacker could do a write-up addressing the security concerns of this service as well as doing some research into T&C’s of some major banks.
      I know that Commonwealth’s NetBank is promising their own service called MySpend (https://www.commbank.com.au/personal/our-innovation.html?intcmp=LO_findoutmore_my%20spend), so I might just hold out for that instead of providing login details to a 3rd party

    • It’s only a guess but your block of 28degrees (GE) could be triggered because two services are accessing it. I had 28degress card linked in ANZ Money Manager (plus my Westpac accounts) for almost a year and it was never blocked, always up to date. Unfortunately, I would not trust keeping bank logins safe to some startup… but with ANZ I feel quite ok. I just hope the will have mobile app for Money Manager at some stage.

  • I started using the app by importing all the data manually (so not to use the sync of my accounts’ by the QIF import feature.

    Very interesting and smooth app, smart and a lot of effort has gone into the categorisations.

    Extremely disappointed that the only way to delete your account is to ‘Email us and we remove everything’ as outlined on their web page.

    This should be user controller and not require interaction……

    Requested a deletion now, will let you know how hard it is!


    • Hi Matt, I am considering getting Pocketbook but want to scope out any security concerns before I do. How did you go deleting the app?

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