MacDown Is A Free, Open-Source Markdown Editor

MacDown Is a Free, Open-Source Markdown Editor

Mac: You already have a lot of different choices when it comes to Markdown editors. But if you're looking for something simple and built for web developers, MacDown is a free, open-source app that should fit the bill.

MacDown is based on Mou, which ceased development. Subsequently, it works the same in most ways. MacDown is fast, has a live preview mode, basic syntax highlighting, and is made to cater more to web developers than writers. It does its job well and is easy to pick up and start using if you've used Mou before.

MacDown (free) [via Hacker News]


    Mou hasn't ceased development, which makes this new app a bit on the nose. It's poor form for the developer to outright copy Mou and claim he's doing a good thing at the same time.

      Moreso with a name like MacDown, I see Apple taking aim at this guy in the near future.

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