Dropbox Adds Easy Computer Linking, Reordered Favourites

Dropbox Adds Easy Computer Linking, Reordered Favourites

iOS: The Dropbox app on iOS has been updated today with a couple of handy new features, including a new way to link a computer to your Dropbox account and the ability to reorder favourites.

The big addition is the new linking system (which Android users also get). To set up a new computer with your Dropbox account, just fire up the Dropbox app on your phone, select “Link a Computer”, and you’ll just snap a picture of your screen to set it all up. You can also now reorder your favourites by simply holding and dragging them up on the list. Finally, you can also now save files from other apps like Mail directly to a specific folder.

Dropbox (Free) [iTunes App Store]


  • All they have to do now is make their plans remotely attractive, $109 a year for 100gig vs the arguably superior OneDrive for $50 (or 200gb for $9 less than dropbox’s 100gb), they can’t afford not to drop their prices.

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