Do We Need Even More Security Software In Klingon?

Are you fluent in both Klingon and malware? It looks like Eugene Kaspersky is looking to hire a those able to mughwI'.

According to a blog post at Kaspersky, the malware firm is seeking Klingon translators, presumably for a Klingon-language version of one or more of Kaspersky's applications.

It might be that Kaspersky is looking to expand its markets to the galactic stage, although, as was pointed out to Eugene Kaspersky when he tweeted out the call earlier today, he's a market follower, not a leader. Sophos offered a Threat Detection Kit in Klingon over five years ago. It's also rather specific — why isn't Kaspersky looking for a Russian to Klingon translator?

Klingon Translator Wanted [Kaspersky]


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