Eugene Kaspersky Explains How To Build A Lasting Career In Security

Eugene Kaspersky Explains How To Build A Lasting Career In Security

Eugene Kaspersky made his fortune from the security software that bears his name, but reckons there’s still plenty of opportunities out there for other IT specialists to build a career in security. What areas would he recommend?

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“I give many speeches in universities,” Kaspersky told Lifehacker in an interview in Sydney earlier this week. “Every time I talk about IT security and say it is a very good career opportunity because there are not enough IT security experts. We will see more security issues and there will be more demand for IT security engineers. So if you choose the IT security stream, that’s the right option.”

Kaspersky also suggested a number of useful ways to specialise:

I would split it into three categories: industrial IT security and IT management for physical infrastructure like power plants and transport; If you upgrade the environments, you have to upgrade the IT systems that manage them. They upgrade from time to time so there’s a risk they will be infected, and there will be malware waiting for the chance to damage the environment. Second, the engineers who are experts in critical network infrastructure, for governments and military and enterprises. Third, telecommunications from the security point of view. Those are the three critical areas.


  • Hah. Talk to any engineer in the USA about security around facilities like power and water.. I guess that does back up what he’s saying though about “not enough experts” heh!

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