Briefly: Cheap Krispy Kremes, More Supanova Cosplay, Game Of Pugs?

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: Get $10 off Krispy Kreme doughnut orders, more amazing cosplay from Supanova Sydney, watch Game Of Thrones recast with pug dogs.

  • Krispy Kreme is currently offering $10 off online orders when customers use the discount code '5MAWV14'. The catch is that you need to spend at least $20 — but that's still a reasonable saving of 50 per cent. [Via OzBargain]
  • Another day, another Alien: Isolation trailer. In space, no one can hear you scream. No wait, that's just the mute button.
  • Because it's Friday, here's the Game Of Thrones cast in pug form.
  • In other Game Of Thrones news, Gizmodo Australia recently caught up with Liam Cunningworth who plays Ser Davos on the show (non pug version). Click here for his thoughts on filming the show, books versus TV, and the upcoming Australian GoT exhibition.
  • Like Deadmau5? Like cosplay? This Artificial Dogma/Supanova Sydney video was made for you. Also, Pokémon's Officer Jenny!


    An amusing nitpick:
    The actor's name is Liam CunningHAM
    The character's name is Davos SeaWORTH

    It took me a long time to work out why my brain was tripping over that name :-)

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