Get A PlayStation 4 For $482 From Dick Smith, Includes NBA2K14

Get A PlayStation 4 For $482 From Dick Smith, Includes NBA2K14

If your lounge room is looking a bit depressed due to a lack of next-gen console goodness, this weekend could put a smile on its face (wherever lounge rooms happen to keep their moody visages). Retailer Dick Smith is currently running an offer for Sony’s PlayStation 4 that combined with a good old discount code, can net you the console, plus a game, for $482.

As “ajax7” over at Ozbargain helpfully points out, it’s possible to get a PS4, along with a copy of NBA2K14, from Dick Smith for less than the advertised $548. To take advantage of the discount, you’ll need to head over to the PS4 listing on Dick Smith’s online store.

Once you’ve added the console to your cart, proceed to the checkout and when the coupon box appears, enter the following code:


That’ll take 12 per cent off the price, bringing the cost down to $482.24. Target had a deal going previously where you could grab a PS4, sans game, for $449, unfortunately the offer has since expired.

It should be noted that the “WEEKEND12” Dick Smith discount applies to other products across the store and is good until the end of Sunday.

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