Briefly: Acne Hacks, Amazing Optical Illusions, Watch Dogs Price Gouge

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: How to reduce adult acne, the best optical illusions of 2014, inspiring Instagram photos.

  • This Gizmodo article showcases some of the best optical illusions of 2014. Some of them are truly mind-bending — click here to check 'em out!
  • Adult acne is an unfortunate reality for many Australians. Here are some DIY anti-acne hacks you can employ to stop it from spreading.
  • If you've been looking forward to the upcoming video game Watch Dogs, we have some bad news for you: Last night Ubisoft adjusted the Australian pricing on Steam, increasing the price from US$59.95 to US$74.95. Head over to Kotaku to join in the outrage.
  • Tesla Motors has announced the Australian pricing for its Model S range ahead of its official release date. $95,000 buys you a stock 60kWh Tesla Model S, which normally costs just over $US81,000 in North America (the additional charge comes from GST, the Luxury Car Tax and Stamp Duty). To find out more, head to Gizmodo.
  • Here are this week's most inspiring Instagram photos, as selected by POPSUGAR Australia Health & Fitness.


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