Reclaim Dropbox Space By Migrating Your Photos To Another Service

Reclaim Dropbox Space By Migrating Your Photos To Another Service

You can get all the free Dropbox space you want, but it can still fill up quickly. If photos are the problem, there’s a simple (and somewhat obvious) solution: use another auto-upload service instead.

Tony Hue over at Lone Placebo runs through a number of tips on freeing up Dropbox space. After running a hard disk analyser, he found the “Camera Uploads” folder was taking up a massive amount of space. There’s a lot you can do to fix that, including shrinking the images or deleting some photos, but the easiest one would be to just use a different service that provides the same auto-upload feature. Flickr’s mobile app, for example, has a similar auto-upload feature, but it gives you 1TB of free space.

If photos are the main culprit in your Dropbox, switching to another service might be a good idea. Hit the link for more Dropbox-freeing tips.

How to Reclaim Dropbox Storage Space [Lone Placebo]


    • You can only be signed into 1 Dropbox account at a time, and paying for 2 Dropbox accounts makes no sense. Just upgrade your current one.

  • Flickr is hopeless for uploading 10,000 images

    I’m wating for mediafire’s image support that looks like itll probably do what i want.

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